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The Importance of HVAC Air Filters

It’s all about the air filters when it comes to the efficiency and longevity of your cooling system! Well maybe not everything BUT, regular replacement of your air filters can go a long ways to keeping you cool in the summer. Imagine all of a sudden your air conditioner just doesn’t seem to be cooling […]

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Choosing a HVAC System in Jacksonville FL

Should I shut rooms off to save energy?

Save energy. When you’re looking for effective ways to reduce your household utility bills, don’t get taken in by the myth that shutting the air vents in unused rooms saves energy. The truth is, shutting a room won’t lower your energy consumption, and it can cause some serious issues in your home such as:   […]

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Is Your AC System Failing to Keep Up?

    Vapor compression, electrical, water drainage, computer technology and air quality — your air conditioner utilizes and links together an array of mechanics and properties to cool your home. As an A/C system ages or if it isn’t well maintained, a lot can go wrong. Following are warning signs that indicate your AC system […]

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Five Simple Ways to Thank a Veteran

Five Simple Ways to Thank a Veteran Say Thank You – Just the simple act of saying “Thank you for your service” goes a long way with veterans. Throw in a handshake too, you’re bound to see a smile on their face, which will make it all worth it. Volunteer – Do something for the veterans in […]

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Prepare for Spring Storms

Although Jacksonville is blessed with relatively mild weather, residents shouldn’t necessarily be complacent. In springtime, we can still get some stormy wind, as well as some strong rain that could lead to flooding. Just to be on the safe side, why not review the following tips for storm prep this season? You’ll be ahead of the […]

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What to Consider Before a Home Addition

Considering a Home Addition? A home addition can give you the extra living space your family needs, increase your comfort and add to the enjoyment of your home. Whether you’re thinking of adding a new kitchen or family room, another bathroom or more bedrooms, there are a number of key factors to consider before you […]

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Air Conditioner Freezing Up? One of the strangest sights you may ever see is the coils on an air conditioner covered in ice on a hot day. Many homeowners in Jacksonville, FL have experienced this problem with their AC unit. This phenomenon is known as “air conditioner freeze-up” and the problem may occur for several reasons. […]

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Allergies and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

    Allergies and Indoor Air Quality – Have you noticed the spring pollen? Typically spring yields the highest pollen levels, when plants, grasses, and trees are flowering, particularly in the early mornings. Warm, dry, and windy weather and climates with little or no rain have high pollen levels. Rain or cool weather dramatically drops allergy […]

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Why System Maintenance is Important.

Numerous homeowners tragically assume that their heating and cooling unit is ready to go and doesn’t need any care after being installed. They treat their units with an “out of the picture, therefore irrelevant” state of mind until there’s an issue, and after that they call a heating and cooling specialists to settle the issue, […]

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fans and ac

Ceiling Fans & AC Systems

Can you remember a time when your home didn’t have an air conditioning system? If you live in Florida, and you’re under the age of 50, probably not. Thanks to Willis Carrier, who secured a patent for his “Apparatus for Treating Air” in 1902, air conditioners have been a staple in American homes since the […]

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