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Decorating for Halloween? Keep Your HVAC System Safe.

Decorating for Halloween? Tips for HVAC System Safety

Maintain Your HVAC System Safety when decorating for Halloween. When the cooler temperatures arrive in Jacksonville, FL they also bring along the ghosts and goblins of the Halloween season. Halloween is one of the first year-end holidays that brings out the decorating spirit in people who usually decorate homes inside and out. While Halloween decorating can be fun, […]

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HVAC Upgrade or Extension - Contact Cool Connections Jacksonville FL

Adding an Addition? It May Require an HVAC Upgrade

When Home Additions Require an HVAC Upgrade – Cool Connections, Inc. Jacksonville, FL Adding an addition to your home or business? It may require an HVAC upgrade or extension. The construction of an addition on your home is not something to be taken lightly. There’s going to be a number of decisions you’ll need to […]

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Poor HVAC Airflow? Contact Cool Connections Jacksonville FL

HVAC Airflow Can Affect Your System’s Efficiency

How can HVAC airflow affect your AC System’s efficiency? What do you think the most overlooked component of a good HVAC system is – choosing an adequate location or picking the right thermostat? In many cases, it’s airflow. Without the ability to move air efficiently, your setup will be overworked and underutilized. Make sure you […]

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Check and Replace Your HVAC Air filter - Cool Connections Jacksonville FL

It’s Time to Change Your HVAC Air Filter – Jacksonville FL

Time to Change Your HVAC Air Filter The beginning of fall means it’s time to change your HVAC air filter before the heating season starts. If you haven’t turned on the heating element in your HVAC System since spring, you probably need to put in a new custom filter. Here are some important reasons for changing […]

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HVAC System Rain Damage in Jacksonville FL

Ways Rain or Flooding Could Affect Your AC System HVAC System Rain Damage Affects: Flooded Condenser Unit While the outside half of the central air conditioner is rain-resistant, it’s not designed to be submerged in water. Localized flooding due to unusually heavy rains, like Jacksonville FL had recently with Hurricane Irma, can swamp residential areas […]

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AC System Storm Damage Hurricane Irma

Tips for Checking AC System Storm Damage

Hurricane Irma brought heavy flooding, structural damage and widespread power outages to Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding cites and communities. As Hurricane Irma’s rains caused overflowing rivers, a storm surge, tree and structural damage, over a 100,000 utility customers lost power. If Hurricane Irma has caused flooding, structural damage, a power surge or outage to your home, you’re likely eager to […]

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How often do i need ac repair in Jacksonville Fl?

Why Choose Cool Connections for a New AC System?

New AC System from Cool Connections, Inc. We offer products such as heat pumps, air conditioners, air handlers as well as other air quality products. All the products we carry are designed built to withstand even the toughest environments. We provide a line of air conditioning systems that work to keep you cool in the […]

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Should Replace Your Thermostat With a New AC System?

If you need a new air conditioner this summer, think beyond replacing your system. You might also want to consider getting a new thermostat while you’re at it. When you replace thermostat, you’ll have a better chance to make sure your new air conditioning system is running as efficiently as possible. Your thermostat plays an […]

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Excessive Dust

Possible Reasons for Excessive Dust in Your Home

Do you dust and vacuum your home frequently but cleaning up the dust never remedies the problem? Dust is a fact of life, and something your Jacksonville area home will never be completely rid of. Composed of dead skin cells, dirt, pollen, dander, clothing or carpet fibers and other small particulate, dust is continually being formed […]

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Reducing Humidity

Reducing Humidity in Your Jacksonville Florida Area Home

In our region, high humidity in the home can be a problem so reducing humidity in your Jacksonville Florida area home is a must. In summer when the air is warm, it will hold more moisture and make us feel warmer than we need to. That means turning the air conditioner down just to feel comfortable.   […]

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