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Preparing for Cold Weather in Jacksonville Florida

Although it’s a warm one today, the cold will be upon us very soon. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the colder weather coming to Northeast Florida. Here are a few tips for guidance on avoiding weather-related disasters at home.     Frozen pipes can lead to a big mess. Here are ways to […]

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Do I Have Enough Home Insulation? Here Are Some Clues

One of the best ways to reduce the energy consumption of your home and lower your heating and cooling costs is to have the proper amount of home insulation. Homes that are well-insulated are more comfortable than those that aren’t. Insulation provides resistance to heat flow. The better your insulation is at resisting heat flow, […]

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Choosing a HVAC System in Jacksonville FL

Choosing a HVAC System – How do I choose?

Which type of HVAC System should I purchase?  Cool Connections, Inc. – Jacksonville, Florida When choosing a HVAC System there is such a variety of units available on the market now, which one should you choose? Choosing the wrong type or size of HVAC System can lead to multiple problems. Be sure to consult with a professional HVAC company that […]

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Home Heating Tips to Heat Cold Rooms

Have a cold room? As the colder months of the year take hold, it gets more difficult to keep your home warm. There are often rooms that stay cold no matter how long you run your primary heating equipment. Today, we’re going to give you some tips that you can implement to help heat cold rooms […]

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Heating System Odors – What’s that smell?

Common Heating System Odors A home heating system in good condition will not only operate quietly and efficiently, it will also operate without producing any odors. If you detect unusual odors coming from your heating system, don’t panic. Here is a brief description of common heating system odors you may encounter.   Smoke or Burning […]

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Fall Back Daylight Savings Checklist

Fall Back Daylight Saving HVAC System Checklist

Fall Back: HVAC System Checklist For Daylight Savings Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends November 5, 2017, which means it will be time to change the clocks and your programmable thermostat one hour back. It’s easier to remember how to set it by thinking about springing forward in the spring and falling back in the fall. […]

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Decorating for Halloween? Keep Your HVAC System Safe.

Decorating for Halloween? Tips for HVAC System Safety

Maintain Your HVAC System Safety when decorating for Halloween. When the cooler temperatures arrive in Jacksonville, FL they also bring along the ghosts and goblins of the Halloween season. Halloween is one of the first year-end holidays that brings out the decorating spirit in people who usually decorate homes inside and out. While Halloween decorating can be fun, […]

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HVAC Upgrade or Extension - Contact Cool Connections Jacksonville FL

Adding an Addition? It May Require an HVAC Upgrade

When Home Additions Require an HVAC Upgrade – Cool Connections, Inc. Jacksonville, FL Adding an addition to your home or business? It may require an HVAC upgrade or extension. The construction of an addition on your home is not something to be taken lightly. There’s going to be a number of decisions you’ll need to […]

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Poor HVAC Airflow? Contact Cool Connections Jacksonville FL

HVAC Airflow Can Affect Your System’s Efficiency

How can HVAC airflow affect your AC System’s efficiency? What do you think the most overlooked component of a good HVAC system is – choosing an adequate location or picking the right thermostat? In many cases, it’s airflow. Without the ability to move air efficiently, your setup will be overworked and underutilized. Make sure you […]

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Check and Replace Your HVAC Air filter - Cool Connections Jacksonville FL

It’s Time to Change Your HVAC Air Filter – Jacksonville FL

Time to Change Your HVAC Air Filter The beginning of fall means it’s time to change your HVAC air filter before the heating season starts. If you haven’t turned on the heating element in your HVAC System since spring, you probably need to put in a new custom filter. Here are some important reasons for changing […]

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