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Beat The Heat

Ways to beat the heat. As the temperatures begin to steadily increase so does our desire to spend time outdoors in the beautiful sunshine. Family gatherings move from sit down dinners to afternoon barbeques, and movie dates turn into afternoons spent poolside. While we all love to work on our tan’s and feel the calming […]

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So How Do Air Conditioners Work?

So how do air conditioners work? We will give you a brief explanation in this post. Here in Jacksonville, Florida we are blessed with relatively temperate climates throughout the winter months, but the summers can be brutal. This means your home’s air conditioner sees a lot of action throughout the summer, but do you know […]

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Controlling Humidity While on Vacation

Headed Out? Tips on Controlling Humidity While on Vacation

While you’re planning your next vacation or getaway, be sure to include measures on controlling humidity and safeguarding your Jacksonville Florida home during your absence. In addition to cancelling newspaper delivery, putting lights on a timer, and arranging for a trusted friend or neighbor to stop by periodically, retain control of your indoor environment to prevent coming […]

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