Why Are Some Rooms in My Home Hotter Than Others?

hot room fixesHave you ever wondered why some rooms in your home seem warmer than others? We’re not talking about the kitchen, which can fluctuate in temperature based in oven use, or the laundry room that increases by 10 degrees each time you dry a load of clothes. No, we are speaking about those rogue rooms down the hall that inexplicably never get cooler no matter how low you set your thermostat. These same rooms turn into freezers when the outside temperature dips. If you’re dealing with this situation, take heart, it’s a pretty common issue among homeowners.

Common Reasons for Temperature Issues

Finding out the exact reason why one room in your home seems to have a mind of its own may require a bit of detective work. In general, however, there are some pretty common reasons why the temperature may be difficult to regulate. These may include:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Closed vents
  • Poorly insulated windows
  • Closed doors (prevents airflow)

Additionally, oversized windows that face the sun for extended periods of time may contribute to increase heat in a particular room. This can be adjusted by adding room-darkening curtains or planting trees to shade the area. Another thing to look for are the number of electronics being used in the room; a desktop computer can raise room temperature by as much as 15 degrees.

Other Areas of Concern

In some cases, the reason why your room is unseasonably warm or cold may be due to other problems that you should not correct on your own. This is because it may involve duct work or insulation issues. If you notice a high concentration of dust around your home, especially within a few days of cleaning, your problem may be related to clogged or dirty air ducts. A thorough cleaning of your air handler, ducts and vents may remedy your problem, as the air flow may simply be impeded by a clogged duct system. More likely than not, however, it may be also attributed to damaged air ducts. If there are rips and tears in your ducts, or they are poorly insulated, cool air may be escaping before it’s able to reach the room, which could explain the difference in temperature. Although these issues are fairly inexpensive to correct, there is another duct issue that not only prevents proper air flow throughout your home, but may also be quite expensive to fix – poorly balanced air ducts.

Air Duct Balancing

In older homes, or those with more than one floor, it’s not uncommon to find air duct systems that aren’t balanced properly. There may be too many twists and turns, the duct work may be too long, or the air handler is not strong enough to properly move cool air throughout the entire home. Do not attempt to crawl into the duct system to assess the situation on your own, as this may lead to additional problems and costly repairs. You should hire a licensed and trusted ac company to inspect your current system to determine if your air ducts are unbalanced. A contractor will be able to tell if it’s an insulation issue, dirty ducts, or an inadequate system that needs to be upgraded or corrected.

Where to Get Answers

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