How did people stay cool before air conditioning?

staying coolToday we take air conditioning for granted. But not to long ago ago, it was virtually unheard of. Air conditioning runs for half the year or even year round, and most of us probably take it for granted. But, air conditioning hasn’t always been a part of our everyday lives like it is now. How did people stay cool before air conditioning?

People Lived Underground or in Caves

One of the first methods of dealing with heat was living underground or in caves…think cavemen. In both summer and winter, caves maintain a temperature of about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. We’re sure you probably don’t want to live in a cave, so if your AC is on the fritz, be sure to contact Cool Connections, Inc. of Jacksonville,  Florida.

Home Owners Planted Trees

A common solution was to plant shade trees on the east and west sides of a home. This blocked the summer sun, minimizing its heat, and it also cooled breezes.

Damp Sheets

Evaporation used to be a crucial part of keeping cool. Egyptians would hang damp sheets in doorways to turn arid breezes into ancient mist machines. In more modern times, pioneers would sleep under wet blankets to stave off the heat.

Build Warm Weather Friendly Homes

Houses had high ceilings, with very large attics and with the house often designed with a single hallway from the front to the back door. Windows were placed strategically so that it would be possible to catch a breeze from most any direction and to get cross-ventilation. Many larger homes had verandas or front porches to get out and get some air.

The Front Porch

Many people sat on their porches to enjoy cool evenings when their homes were unbearably hot. Sometimes, people slept on their porches rather than dealing with incredibly hot bedrooms on the upper levels. Similarly, those who lived in apartments often slept on the fire escape.

The Sleeping Porch

The idea of a sleeping porch dates back nearly a hundred years when people would sleep on a screened-in porch to get the coolness of the night air during summer without being bothered by bugs. Before the advent of air conditioning, families often created sleeping areas on outdoor porches, where children would sleep during the warmer months.

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