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Cool Connections. Inc. offers great deals and specials on air conditioning, vent cleaning and insulation services. In addition to installation rebates, there are many other specials available.

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Cool Connections Inc. is Jacksonville’s go to HVAC service, sales, repair, and installation company. Please contact us for complimentary estimates and pricing for any of our professional services.

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Chris, thanks to you and your staff, I am enjoying my new home system. You and your crew have provided professional service to me for years, and I wish to thank you, wishing you and your staff much success. ~ Keith

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energy star rating

Understanding the Energy Star rating

The Energy Star ® certification is used to help consumers identify high-efficiency products, such as large and small appliances, electronics, HVAC systems, fans and windows. Appliances can often be overlooked as a major source of energy use in our homes and businesses, but depending on their size, age, function and use, appliances can potentially have a […]

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Should I replace or repair my air conditioning?

Should I replace or repair my air conditioning?

The question of whether to repair or replace an older air conditioning system is not always an easy one. To make matters worse, system malfunctions often occur during the height of the cooling or heating months when you’re using your A/C or heat pump the most. Consider the following factors to make the best decision […]

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How do I choose an HVAC company

How do I choose an HVAC company?

When your heating or air conditioning system fails, it can be a nightmare. Whether it is a cold winter day or sweltering hot outside, the HVAC system in your home is vital to your comfort and safety. Most people cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. The elderly and people with chronic health problems need to have the temperature stabilized […]

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Best Practices for Insulation and Sealing Your Home

Proper insulation and sealing the air leaks around your house keeps your home more comfortable in Northeast Florida’s cool winters and warm summers, and protects your indoor air quality. Also with lower utility bills and possible tax credits, it pays to insulate–in more ways than one. The Cool Connections team recommends insulating and sealing your home […]

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